Have a creative idea in mind? We would love to help make it a reality.

Koichi Arts helps people realize their creative projects with custom, hand-painted artwork. Whether the goal is to commemorate a special event, add a splash of color to a room, or transform an eyesore. We work with you to design and paint artwork that turns your vision into a reality.

"The Koichi Arts team was super responsive and helpful when I came to them about my project. I've had a table hanging on the wall above my kitchen counter for years and wanted to make it look cool. The goal was to bring a lot of color into the space and they totally delivered! I'm really excited to be able to have this piece in my home for years to come."
Cameron Merriman
Residential Client


Our process is simple and collaborative. We want you to play an active role in the design’s creation and in the art’s painting. This is why your feedback is the cornerstone of our process. 


Our first conversation will focus on discussing your creative idea. You can refer us to other artists, styles or anything else from which you’d like us to draw inspiration. In this call we will schedule a time for us to visit your address if the project requires that we paint on-site. Our visit will help us review the condition of the surface, better understand the space’s setting and further discuss your desired direction for the project.


At this point we bring together all of the notes and ideas that we gathered from our initial conversation and visit to create a unique design. We then have follow up conversations to get your feedback and make sure we’re on the right track. Your feedback is incorporated into the existing drafts or used as the inspiration for new ones if necessary. We will continue to communicate with you and revise our drafts until we have a design that you are satisfied with. 


At last, our paint brushes begin to turn your vision into reality. We work with your schedule and accommodate ours as necessary to meet deadlines. We communicate regularly to ensure that the artwork is developing in the right direction. We usually do not stray from the chosen final design, but the need for a few minor tweaks may become evident as we paint and interact with the space’s surroundings. Any such changes are discussed with you for approval before proceeding. Finally, the piece is complete and your vision is now a reality.

Ready to turn your creative idea into a reality?

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