Koichi Arts is a mural painting company that helps people enhance the places that matter to them. We work with clients to achieve the goals they have for their homes, offices and businesses. Whether the goal is to create a little one’s perfect room, add character to the workplace or leave a lasting impression on customers. 

In the tech-first Bay Area, hand-crafted works of art and decoration are a breath of fresh air. We are honored to help people experience this beauty and fun in the places they live, work and shop. 


Jorge Juarez

KOICHI, Main Artist

Jorge has always been an artist. From the time he painted his bedroom walls as a kid, much to the dismay of his parents, until now. He has worked in several fields throughout his life, but could never forget the joy of expressing himself creatively with a paint brush. In 2013, Jorge began painting murals professionally and looks forward to sharing his original pieces with the world.

Mark Marquez

Client Service

Mark is inspired by how technology has democratized opportunity so that everyone has a chance at being successful. He was drawn to studying at Stanford for this reason. After his freshman year, however, Mark realized that his priorities in life weren’t in line with those of tech culture. He decided to chart a different path and looks forward to where this journey will take him.

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